Win over 15K in prizes like a 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle, Shohei Ohtani Pink Refractor Rookie PSA 10, Over $5,000 in Break Credit and MORE in Our Fall Ball Event!

Win over 15K in prizes like a 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle, Shohei Ohtani Pink Refractor Rookie PSA 10, Over $5,000 in Break Credit and MORE in Our Fall Ball Event!


The leaves are turning, pumpkin-flavored coffee is wafting in the air, and playoff baseball is on the horizon.  Fall is here and we want to celebrate the changing of the seasons by giving you more free prizes than we've ever done!  You can win over $15,000 in prizes in our new Fall Ball Event!

If you're walking through the apple orchard right now, filling your bag to the brim, you'll want to put down those heavy Honeycrips because you'll need two hands to scroll through this PRIZE LIST!  We're giving away 34 prizes worth over $15,000 in the Vintage Breaks Fall Ball Event!

FOUR contests are currently running, each loaded with prizes!


NOW until 10:00 PM EST. on Sunday, October 17th 




For every $5,000 you accumulate spending at now through Sunday, October 17th at 10:00 PM EST., you will receive one entry into the VIP Platinum Promo.  No limits here either!  If you spend $10,000, you'll have two entries, etc. ONE prize, and it's incredible.  We'll random all the entries live on the show and the top spot wins! WINNER TAKE ALL FOR:

65 Set-1

1965 Topps Baseball Complete Set!

All 598 cards with Mickey Mantle in a PSA 6, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Roberto Clemente, a Joe Morgan rookie, and more!  The legends of Fall are in the '65 set.  This is a real centerpiece for any collection.  You could put out any card from this '65 set and any one of your friends that see it would start up a great baseball conversation. 


For every $1,000 you accumulate spending at now through Sunday, October 17th at 10:00 PM EST., you will receive one entry into the VIP Promo.  No limits here either!  If you spend $2,000, you'll have two entries, etc. If you're wondering how much you have accumulated, reach out any time to Sam at (732) 828-2261 or send him an e-mail to   If you're only a few dollars short of an entry, we don't want you to miss out!  We'll random all the entries live on the show and the top 3 win!


1. 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 2.5

53 Mantle-1


2. $3,000 Break Credit to


3. 1975 Topps Baseball Rack Pack



Look how incredible that 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle looks; GREAT eye appeal on this PSA 2.5.  With the card coming out in 1953, that image is from Mickey as a little kid.  Hard to imagine but in 1952, Mantle was just 20 years old!  Fresh off a World Series championship, Mantle collected 10 hits and 2 homers in the '52 World Series.  In 1953 when that card came out, the Yankees repeated as champs.  Mick is one of, if not the greatest Fall Ball player ever; we have to give away a Mickey card in our event.

If you win the $3,000 break credit, you can choose ANYTHING on our website.  Perhaps you'd rather break it out into 10 or 20 different pack breaks - that's awesome!  Or if you want to go big or go home, you can spend all $3,000 in one shot.  Start window shopping on the products you would buy if you won right here.

Third place will give you a 1975 Topps rack pack!  The '75 set has rookie cards of Hall of Famers Robin Yount, and George Brett.  Pulling either of those cards fresh from a rack pack would be AWESOME.  We recently pulled a customer a pack-fresh '75 Mini that you can check out here. Big question is: would you open the rack pack or leave it sealed?



ANY spot you buy at now through Sunday, October 17th at 10:00 PM EST. gets you one entry into the contest.  ZERO limits to this contest - if you buy twice on the Vintage Breaks site, you are entered into the contest twice.  Checkout 50 different times now through the end of the contest and you'll get 50 cracks at the prize list.  We'll random all the entries live on the show and the top 25 win!

The best part about the Buy Any Spot promo is that spots cost as little as $3.00!  



1. 2018 Topps Chrome Update Shohei Ohtani Pink Refractor Rookie PSA 10


2. 1967 Topps Mickey Mantle SGC 6


3. 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie PSA 9

Facebook User Vintage Breaks

4. $250 Break Credit to

5. 1979 Topps Baseball Wax Pack


6. 1975 Topps Robin Yount Rookie PSA 7

7. $100 Break Credit to

8. $100 Just Collect eBay Store Credit

9. 2019 Topps Chrome Update Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Rookie PSA 10

10. 1984 Topps Football Wax Pack


11. $50 Break Credit to

12. 1984 Donruss Baseball Pack

13. 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Pack

14. 1981 Topps Baseball Cello Pack

15. 1982 Topps Football Wax Pack

16. 1989 Score Football Wax Pack

17. 1983 Donruss Baseball Pack

18. 1985 Donruss Leaf Baseball Pack

19. 1987 Leaf Baseball Wax Pack

20. 1984 Topps Hockey Wax Pack

21. 1981 Topps Hockey Wax Pack

22. 1988 Topps Hockey Wax Pack

23. 2019 Hoops Premium Fat Pack

24. 2019 Chronicles Basketball Fat Pack

25. 2020 Chronicles Football Fat Pack

Shohei Ohtani is on pace to win the AL MVP; no baseball card is hotter on the market right now.  Picture spending just $3.00 and taking home that PSA 10 2018 Topps Chrome Update Pink Refractor rookie!  In second place is a Fall legend himself - The Mick!  An SGC 6 1967 Topps Mantle is normally a grand prize but we have so many cards and break credit to give away this time!

The 1989 Upper Deck PSA 9 Ken Griffey Jr is such an iconic card.  JR could be going to your PC in third place.  We know that Fall is also the start of the NFL season so we have to include pigskin in our Buy Any Spot promo.  How about that 1984 Topps wax pack in 10th place?  You could find yourself a pack-fresh Dan Marino or John Elway rookie card.  Go back to when you were a kid and you brought home the Topps wax packs from the local gas station, searching for your favorite players and eating that awful-tasting gum.  We still ate that gum, though, didn't we?  The cards are the same but the prices are a little higher than they were in 1984 - PSA 10 Elway and Marino rookie cards are currently selling for about $3,000 and $5,000!

We are also giving away break credit in a few spots, too!  If you win 4th place, we'll give you a $250 break credit to and that's good for ANY product on our site!  Maybe you want to open 1977 Star Wars packs or Pokémon packs - we have those, too!

ALL of these 25 prizes are up for grabs in the Buy Any Spot contest.  We have spots that start at as little as $3.00! You can search for a Frank Thomas rookie for a $3.00 spot out of 1990 Leaf pack breaks here.



This is a very special prize - you can't buy in!  The only way you can get a spot in this promotion is through bonuses on our shows such as answering trivia questions, as a prize in our social media, or maybe making us laugh! 

We'll random all free entries live on the show and the top 5 spots wins:

1. $1,000 Break Credit to

2. $500 Just Collect eBay Store Credit

3. Vintage Breaks T-Shirt + $50 Break Credit


4. Vintage Breaks Hat

5. Vintage Breaks Graded Card Holder + $25 Break Credit


If you started window shopping above, we know you've got your eye on something - $1,000 would go a long way to buying that, wouldn't it?!  You might win a $1,000 break credit for something as simple as a random act of kindness or winning trivia on our show.

Just Collect is our sister company - they buy and sell whole collections.  There eBay store is HERE, and that $500 credit in second place is also good for anything in their store.

We have t-shirts, hats, and card stands with the VB logo on it for you to use and show everyone where you love to break at.  

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Step 3

Browse items and press Add to Cart when you see something you like.  Press the cart icon in the top right when ready to checkout.


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Step 4

Update your quantities for additional spots by toggling the number in the quantity column, and then pressing the Update Quantities button.  Press Checkout button, and you're IN!






Sunday night, October 17tj at 10:00 PM EST., we’ll randomize the lists of all entrants, live on-screen.  You’ll see the dice roll and randomizing of your name right on the screen.  Watch all the action at:


Vintage Breaks offers THE BEST VALUE IN BREAKING.

All of these 34 prizes are just bonuses!  You still get the spot your purchase on our site, too!  You could very well pull a nice rookie card out of a pack during a break, then win the grand prize in our Fall Ball event.  Since there are no limits on entries, you could even win multiple prizes!

When you check out for a spot on the site, the price you see is the price you pay. Taxes and shipping are included!  Your cards always come protected in holders.  The last time you mailed a package out had to have set you back more than three bucks, right?  If you buy a $3.00 spot, you get your card holdered and shipped for that price.

Lack of product in stores has been a problem; we see the same empty shelves that you do. Target has paused all card sales!  If you can't find cards, Vintage Breaks is your solution! 

FUN!  Cards are our passion!  Isn't is just more fun to chat with other collectors?  Social distancing has made that hard, too. Come hang with us and other collectors just like you during our breaks!  

Even if you just want to watch the show, chat, and meet new collectors, that's always welcomed!  

A Vintage Breaks, we have our main breaking show in New Jersey (The North), to go with our night owls in the South (Georgia), and the West (Arizona).  You can always check our CALENDAR to see when we're breaking.




Here is a video of one of our last event where we gave away a PSA 10 Prizm Luka Dončić rookie card, a Mickey Mantle signed baseball, and over $4,000 in break credit so you can see how you could end up winning The Fall Ball Event!


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