Vintage Breaks Break-A-Maniacs Share Their Favorite Card Breaks Pulls

Vintage Breaks Break-A-Maniacs Share Their Favorite Card Breaks Pulls

It’s a well-known class of Vintage Breaks fan...the so-called “Break-a-Maniac.” Anyone can become one, and once it happens, there’s no going back. These are the truly committed hobbyists who just cannot get enough spots, whether it be modern basketball, vintage baseball or even the odd golf pack. What creates a Break-a-Maniac? The thrill of the chase and those monster hits, of course! Let’s meet a few of these Vintage Breaks regulars.

James Ector

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James Ector, who owns Karma Records in Indianapolis, Indiana, started watching Vintage Breaks back in 2018 after his friend saw VB founder Leighton Sheldon pull a 1955 Mickey Mantle in-person at the National Sports Collectors Convention that year. James was hooked immediately. “Live, interactive entertainment revolving around sports cards. What more could you ask for?” asked James. Some of his favorite hits include a Lou Gehrig from the classic 1934 Goudey set, three – count ‘em, THREE Michael Jordan rookies, and – best of all for this Detroit Tigers fan – an authentic, certified Ty Cobb autograph. James primarily buys into vintage sets and is keeping an eye out for a 1952 Topps set break one of these days.

Video of James' Ty Cobb auto:


Matthew Townsend

Matthew Townsend, who works in the mortgage industry and hails from California, has been a committed Break-a-Maniac for about two years. While the focus of Matthew’s personal collection is unopened boxes, he’s also a huge vintage fan and has seen some remarkable hits in his day. These include several Mickey Mantles, a rookie Jordan, and perhaps the best recent blockbuster pulled by Vintage Breaks West – a beautiful, pack-fresh 1975 Topps Mini George Brett! Matthew has that one out for grading at the moment. “I buy into breaks with the expectation that I will win,” Matthew said. Time and time again, he has!


Video of Matthew's George Brett pull:


If you want to try and pull your own '75 Topps Mini George Brett, we have another pack available with spots in the Vintage Breaks cards breaks right now.  All the break info is here:



Bradley Aldrich

Bradley Aldrich first heard about Vintage Breaks in early 2020 and quickly became a regular. An attorney based in Louisiana, Bradley owns the distinction of perhaps having the best week in Vintage Breaks history. After winning a 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle one lucky evening last year, Bradley followed that up with another amazing pull less than a week later – a 1948 Leaf Jackie Robinson in the historic $5000 Vintage Breaks hit random. As Bradley notes, he won a spot in that hit random as part of a mixer – a great way to get a chance at those “grail” cards like the 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth currently on the website. Speaking of grail cards, Bradley describes his as the 1986 Fleer rookie Michael Jordan, which he continues to chase. “I will always buy a spot in every 1986 basketball set break,” he said. “That rookie Jordan is my white whale.”



Video of Bradley's Jackie Robinson rookie:


Video of Bradley's Mickey Mantle rookie:


This 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth Bradley mentioned is truly a centerpiece of a collection. Here is the Ruth in our new Hit Random:


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Bennett Page


Bennett Page collected cards as a kid during the Junk Wax era, but lost interest in the hobby once he headed off to college. His interest was rekindled in a big way when he came across Vintage Breaks. “I buy into a lot of different products, but I would trade all of my modern stuff for vintage,” Bennett said. A native New Yorker and restaurant owner, Bennett’s favorite hit was a T-206 Green Ty Cobb. He’s also been the lucky recipient of a baseball signed by none other than Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, as well as a 1955 Rookie Roberto Clemente. “I was going into work at the restaurant when I got the call about that one,” he said. Bennett has also won a 1951 Jackie Robinson and a 1953 Bowman Mickey Mantle – not bad vintage additions for a Break-a-Maniac!

Video of the Bennett's Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig ball:


We love our community of Break-A-Maniacs and are always welcoming new members with open arms.  Here is a link to our card breaks; come window shop and witness Must-See Breaking TV with Vintage Breaks!




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