TWO Steve Yzerman Rookie Cards Pulled from the SAME 1984 Topps Pack in Called Electric Pull

TWO Steve Yzerman Rookie Cards Pulled from the SAME 1984 Topps Pack in Called Electric Pull

What's better than pulling THE card out of a pack during a break?  Pulling that card TWICE!   In a little twist, our breaker, S10, was opening a 1984 Topps hockey wax pack in search of a Stevie Y rookie all while an electrician was working under our breaking table.  Perhaps the extra juice worked: TWO Yzerman rookies were in the same pack, and S10 called it!

Maybe it was S10's fear of being electrocuted, some wax pack Gods back in the Topps factory, or the pennies Tom O'Connor tossed in the last wishing well he stopped by, but last night it all came together when not one but TWO Steve Yzerman rookie cards were pulled in the same 1984 Topps hockey pack for the same customer! 

As we started to open a 1984 Topps hockey wax pack in a break for Tom, Ryan, and Mario, our breaker, S10, was dealing with an electrician working on the wire nest underneath all the desks here in the Vintage Breaks office.   We have generators if the power went out but we're sure S10 didn't want some frizzy hair from a little love tap by a live wire. 

Handling the cards in the pack as carefully as he was trying to avoid a shock, S10 was excited to pull out cad #49, the Steve Yzerman rookie, from the wax in spot 8 for Tom O'Connor!  A PSA 10 Yzerman last sold for about $1,500, so we're always thrilled when getting a big hit for our customers, and Tom is a great one! 

After taking pictures that were scheduled to be used for this blog, S10 moved through the break and basically called his shot.  "We got two Ivan Boldirevs - can we get two Stevie Y's?"  BAM - A SECOND YZERMAN ROOKIE IN THE SAME PACK 😮 Tom doubled up his luck by landing on the second Yzerman in spot 12!




If S10 is going to start calling his shot here at Vintage Breaks and pulling double rookies, we'll play with electric wires every day.  We might even hire a fake electrician to come in and play around the desks.  We won't even tell S10 the wires aren't live; he just needs to believe.  Either way - CONGRATS, TOM X2 ! 

You can hear our other breakers, Dougie Fresh, Gilmore, J5, New Guy Mark, and the big cheese, L-Train, talk about "The Belt" that S10 strapped on the video.  When a breaker pulls a card worth $1,000 or more, the breaker is dubbed "the champ" and gets to rock the belt.  Good chance if the breaker is holding the title, you'll want him pulling your cards; their hands are hot!  Now we can't guarantee these Yzerman rookies will get a grad of 10 from PSA but considering S10 pulled two rookies in the same pack, he gets the belt today.


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