TWO Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards Highlight New Graded Hit Random Break

TWO Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards Highlight New Graded Hit Random Break


Two different graded Mickey Mantle rookie cards are in our newest graded Hit Random break!  Not only could you pull a Mick, we've included a T206 Ty Cobb, Nolan Ryan rookie, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady cards, and more in our BIGGEST Hit Random ever.

If you've ever dreamed of adding an iconic card to your collection but just couldn't afford to do so,  This is your chance to finally add that centerpiece without breaking the bank.   You could take home THE card of cards, a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card, for less than the cost it would be to grade the card! 


A Hit Random is a collection of pre-selected cards offered at random for a set price per spot. One spot is one of the pre-selected card.  EVERYONE in the break receives a card!  If a hit random has 100 cards, we sell 100 spots; you always take home a card from the break. No skunks here at Vintage Breaks!  After the hit random is sold out, we'll go live on the show and randomize the list of entrants and then the list of cards.  We'll align the lists and this way every spot in the hit random has the same odds of landing the top cards.


ALL cards in our new hit random are graded by PSA or SGC. This break includes some of the all-time iconic cards, we want you to know the cards are authentic! 

The list of 250 cards is the biggest we've ever offered not in size but in the premium cards!  Let's look at some of the cards in the random:

  • 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card PSA 1

Easily the most iconic baseball card, if not any sports card, of all-time.  If you've never read the backstory on the '52 Mick, the card was released at a time when football cards were hitting the store shelves; few people bought the baseball packs containing Mantle.  After a while, CASES of 1952 Topps cards that held Mick were dumped into the ocean many decades ago.  You can see that insane story here

What's great about this particular Mantle rookie is WHERE it came from; we know the history of the card!  Our sister company, Just Collect, received an inquiry about a card collection in Canada that belonged to the grandfather.  Grandpa kept the cards in a shoebox inside a cold room, underneath jars of pickles.  You can read the whole story about the "Pickles Mantle" here.

  • 1951 Bowman Mickey Mantle Rookie Card PSA 4.5


Some collectors consider the '51 Bowman to be the TRUE Mantle rookie.  Mantle debuted with the Yankees in 1950 but never actually played a game  - just got a small taste of the big show.  In 1951, Mantle played 96 games and appeared in the Bowman set.

This hit random is perfect for a Mantle collector -whether you think 51 Bowman is the rookie or 51 Topps is, you've got a crack at both!

  • T206 Cy Young Red Portrait SGC 1.5


The T206 set is one that many serious collectors try to complete, and it's no easy task!  If you're trying to complete the set, a Ty Cobb is a huge piece.  If completing the set isn't your thing and you want a conversation starter, this Red Portrait will get that convo going.  

  • 1961 Fleer Wilt Chamberlain Rookie SGC 1.5


If you're more into basketball than baseball, we've got an legendary card for you with a Wilt rookie!  There are only a few vintage basketball sets ever produced: 1948 Bowman, 1957 Topps, and 1961 Fleer.  Luckily we get Wilt in the '61 with this beauty.


We didn't forget the gridiron; Tom Brady is in the hit random.  If you love more modern cards, we have a Zion Williamson rookie card,  Unique and rare cards such as 1991 Topps Desert Shield are included.  OPC, Venezuelan, Deckle Edge, and more!  

Another sneak peak: 




Get the list of every card in the break and buy your spots HERE


$475 per spot

Seriously, if you land on the '52 Mantle, it would cost more to grade one!


Buying a spot in this Hit Random also gets you an entry into our Buy Any Spot bonus in our big National event!  We're giving away over $25,000 in prizes including 25 different prizes that will be randomized to anyone that simply buys into ANY break with us!  If you purchase a spot in this hit random, you'll also be entered into that Buy Any Spot bonus.  Make sure to check out the prize list - the grand prize is a T206 Cy Young!  There is a chance you could land on the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle in this Hit Random, and then go win the T206 Cy Young.


To see an example of a Hit Random, here is a break we did with 15 high-end, graded cards:



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