Two 1985 Topps Warren Moon Rookie Cards Pulled from the Same Pack

Two 1985 Topps Warren Moon Rookie Cards Pulled from the Same Pack

What is better than pulling a pack-fresh rookie card of an NFL Hall of Famer? Pulling TWO, of course! During a break of 1985 Topps football, we pulled a pair of Warren Moon rookie cards from the same pack.

From 1978-1982, Warren Moon picked apart defenses in the CFL as a star QB. In that span, Moon lead his Edmonton Eskimos to five consecutive Grey Cup championships, and he earned the Most Outstanding Player Award in 1983. When Moon entered the NFL in 1984, he continued the success by making 9 Pro Bowls and winning the 1990 Offensive Player of the Year ward. In 2006, the Pro Football Hall of Fame welcomed Moon into the halls of history. 

Warren Moon's rookie cards can be found in 1985 Topps. Much like the 1971 Topps baseball cards, the '85 football set has black borders that can be tough on grading; only 87 Moon rookies have been graded PSA 10. The last PSA 10 was sold for $2,325 and that was back in September of 2022; the value could be more today! The value on a PSA 9 is great, too, coming in around $150 to $200. The hunt for a high-grade Moon rookie is a thrill. Not only were we able to pull one Moon rookie, but here at Vintage Breaks, we pulled TWO Moon rookies IN THE SAME PACK!



Congrats to Victor for taking home TWO Warren Moon rookie cards in this break! Amazingly, there was a Houston Oilers team card sandwiched by the Moon rookies.

Have you ever seen two cards come out of the same pack? We'd love to hear the story! Post on the blog below or shoot us a message on our socials; we'll drop them below for you.

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Take a trip back to 1985 Marty and Doc gave us the Flux Capacitor in Back to the Future (July 30th, 1985), we ere introduced to the Nintendo and Super Mario Bros (September 13th, 1985), and you could still find a stick of gum in your football cards! 



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