Triple Belt Break with Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and LaMelo Ball

Triple Belt Break with Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and LaMelo Ball

Three different $1,000 + cards pulled in the same night?  S10 pulled off the super-rare TRIPLE BELT last night on Vintage Breaks with a trio of belt cards!  Look what customers took home from 2021 Topps Sapphire Formula 1 and 2020 Panini Court Kings.

Pulling one of our customers a BELT CARD makes for a great night.  Pulling two belt cards in one sitting is what dreams are made of.  Make it THREE BELT CARDS and you'll be asking what size tin foil hat we wear, right?  Get those tape measures out; we made it happen! 

Opening 2020 Topps Chrome Sapphire Formula 1 S10 first pulled card #1, Lewis Hamilton, for William Morris in spot 15 for Belt #1.  The very next card - the NEXT card - was a Red Refactor Super Short Print of Charles Leclerc numbered 2/5 for Ryan Steele in spot 16!  Belt #2!  So happy for you both, William and Ryan!

Is that even possible?  Back-to-back belt cards in the exact same pack?  The pack Gods were on our sides last night; here is the video:








OK, we'll let you in on  a secret! The two belt cards truly came out of the same pack, back-to-back, as you saw in the full video.  However, S10 had to confirm the value of the Hamilton card so he wasn't quite sure he could celebrate during the break.  We don't want you to wait for your pulls if you're in the same break in these cases, so we moved onto the next pack during this break.  Once the value of the Hamilton card was confirmed, S10 wanted to run it back and play up the pull a bit for you.  His second take was nice and will go right on YouTube.  Don't tell him we let you in on our secret, though 😀


Jason Bartel was envious of William and Ryan last night and told S10 he wanted in on the action!  Rather than going for a Formula 1 break, Jason opted for basketball and pulled a HOT card. Sitting in spot 4 of 2020 Panini Court Kings was a Works in Progress 57/149 LaMelo Ball rookie!  BELT #3!  Congrats, Jason- we're excited for you!









When one of the breakers here at Vintage Breaks pulls you a card worth $1,000 or more, they become "the breaking champion."  What started off as a fun game and made-up title has turned into a competition between the staff - they each want to be the one that pulls you the heat!  The big cheese, Leighton, even bought the team a championship belt to rock when they pull you a monster.  If you see a breaker with the belt, they've got the hot hands; you may want them to break your pack!

S10's belt count =16.




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