Tiger Woods Exquisite Dimensions Autograph Pulled By Vintage Breaks

Tiger Woods Exquisite Dimensions Autograph Pulled By Vintage Breaks

BREAK OF THE YEAR!  Vintage Breaks opened up a box of 2014 Upper Deck Exquisite and out popped a gem of a gem - a Dimensions Tiger Woods auto! We've had some great pulls for you this year.  Some fire like a Justin Herbert National Treasures RPA , or a Derek Jeter gold rookie come to mind.  Just last week we opened you a 1969 Topps basketball pack and found pack-fresh Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson cards.  We think the pull of the year just happened, though! Lookie what was in 2014 Upper Deck Exquisite!




This Tiger auto is a DIMESNIONS signature; a shadowbox behind the autograph.  This card is a thing of beauty for sure!  Congratulations, Jace Mancini!  In spot 3, Jace gets to bring Tiger home.

Tiger is definitely a BELT card.  When one of the breakers here at Vintage Breaks pulls you a card worth $1,000 or more, they become "the breaking champion."  What started off as a fun game and made-up title (assistant to the regional manager, anyone?) has turned into a competition between the staff - they each want to be the one that pulls you the heat!  The big cheese, Leighton, even bought the team a championship belt to rock - true story.   GIVE J5 THE BELT!

2014-exquisite-golfWant in the next Exquisite break?  You can get your spots HERE and try to chase your own Tiger auto!


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A Vintage Breaks, we have our main breaking show in New Jersey (The North), to go with our night owls in the South (Georgia), and the West (Arizona).  You can always check our CALENDAR to see when we're breaking.


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