The Fun Behind the 1984 Fleer Baseball Glenn Hubbard Snake Card

The Fun Behind the 1984 Fleer Baseball Glenn Hubbard Snake Card

You instantly recognize the 1984 Fleer Glen Hubbard baseball card when you see it; it's hard to miss the snake around Hubbard's neck!  Have you ever looked closely at the card?  There are so many things happening in the background of the card!
The 1984 Fleer Glenn Hubbard card (#182) is instantly recognizable.  When you pull the Hubbard out of a pack of baseball cards, the first thing you see is the giant snake wrapped around Hubbard's neck! The card has drawn a lot of interest over the last few decades and even sells for around $20 on eBay.  There is so much more happening behind Hubbard in this card, though - SO MUCH.  


  • Above Hubbard's left shoulder, on our right, above that eight-foot python, is the famous Phillie Phanaitc
  • Barney Rubble - yes, from the Flintstones, is opposite of the Phanatic over Hubbard's right shoulder.
  • Balloons are next to Barney Rubble 
  • Red Bird mascot above Hubbard's left elbow   We don't believe this is Fredbird, the Cardinals' mascot.  Do you know which mascot this is?  
  • What's the white thing with what looks to be red eyes floating above the red bird?   If you know, we'd love to hear from you!



What else can you see in the card?  MLB ran a story earlier this year about the Hubbard card. The day the photo was taken was Phanatic's birthday, and the mascot invited some of his friends to the party.  Other stories mention that Scooby Doo and Huckleberry Hound  were there. Still baffled about what is above that red mascot, though!  

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