The Differences Between a Rack Pack and a Grocery Pack of Sports Cards

The Differences Between a Rack Pack and a Grocery Pack of Sports Cards

We had a great question asked during our card breaks today. Perhaps this particular ask is a burning question you have, too. What is the difference between a RACK pack and a GROCERY pack? We can explain that for you.

With modern cards it is a little easier to tell the difference between the product types of sports cards you see. Using a Blaster box VS. a Mega box, you can compare both boxes and realize quickly that the Mega box lives up the the name; it is bigger than the Blaster. Card products from the pre-Internet days could be tough to decipher, though; you simply won't find a "grocery" pack of cards on your store shelves these days. When asked in our live card breaks today what the difference was between a "rack" pack and a "grocery" pack, we wanted to not just answer on our stream, but also write about it here for you to see the differences. 


1984 Topps Baseball Rack Pack

This is a 1984 Topps baseball rack pack we can use as an example. The important piece of information is the HOLE you see at the top of the pack. Right in the middle of the top of the pack, next to the "54", you can see a hole. A RACK pack was designed to place on the prong that extends from a store shelf. Like you see with batteries in a store today or little packs of screws in a hardware section. A "rack" pack would hang right on the rack of a shelf in your local five and dime. You can also see the top three cards and the bottom three cards on pack.


1982 Topps Baseball Grocery Pack

You see a 1982 Topps grocery pack above. The big piece of information here is there is NO HOLE in the grocery pack. A grocery pack was not designed to hang from the store rack but was placed on the actual shelf.  Another noticeable difference is you cannot see the cards in the grocery pack like you can a rack pack.

The number of cards and wrappers will vary by year but the easiest way to spot the difference between a rack and a grocery pack is the hole in the top for the packs to hang. 

Have you also wondered what the difference was between a Topps and an O-Pee-Chee OPC pack? We have that info HERE for you

The rack and grocery packs take us back to the pre-Internet days when all the big decisions in your life were which lunchbox you picked out for school (I wanted ALF or Thundercats but oddly rocked a SilverHawks) and if you could play Keystone Kapers on Aarti after dinner.

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