The Break Calendar at Vintage Breaks Helps Plan Your Break Watching

The Break Calendar at Vintage Breaks Helps Plan Your Break Watching


This is your friendly reminder that a break calendar is available to view at Vintage Breaks. It’s important to get reminders. It helps us remember important dates and events that we are looking forward to celebrating or attending.

The top Google searches this week have been:

  1. When is the next blue moon?
  2. When is Coraline 2 coming out?
  3. When is the 1986 Fleer Basketball set break?

While we cannot help you with the top 2 searches, your request to know when the 1986 Fleer Basketball set break will take place can be found on the calendar. When you visit the break calendar, you will find the list of daily shows and their start times. You can also click on past dates to see what products broke and click on the YouTube icon to watch the break. 

The current schedule is as follows:

  • 1PM - Vintage Breaks South (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday)
  • 4PM - Vintage Breaks North (Monday - Friday)
  • 9:30PM - Vintage Breaks West (Wednesday)
  • 10PM - Vintage Breaks After Dark (Tuesday, Thursday), and 9:00 PM on Fridays
  • Special Weekend breaks; these are always listed on the calendar!

You can view the Break Calendar here:


To purchase a spot in one of our many breaks that include a random pack, random card, set break, mixer, and hit random, click below.




Vintage Breaks offers THE BEST VALUE IN BREAKING.

When you check out for a spot on the site, the price you see is the price you pay. Taxes and shipping are included!  Your cards always come protected in holders.  The last time you mailed a package out had to have set you back more than three bucks, right?  If you buy a $3.00 spot, you get your card holdered and shipped for that price.

Lack of product in stores has been a problem; we see the same empty shelves that you do.  If you can't find cards, Vintage Breaks is your solution.

FUN!  Cards are our passion!  Isn't is just more fun to chat with other collectors? Come hang with us and other collectors just like you during our breaks!  

A Vintage Breaks, we have our main breaking show in New Jersey (The North), to go with our night owls in the South (Georgia), and the West (Arizona).  You can always check our CALENDAR to see when we're breaking.


If you have sealed wax, vintage or modern, that you are considering selling, contact us today to discuss or get our industry-leading purchase offer.  We're always interested in both sealed product of both sport and non-sport.  Whether you have that pack of 1977 Star Wars, that rare 1955 Bowman cello pack, a wax box of 1984 Topps football, Pokémon, or 2019 Panini National Treasures basketball you'd like to sell, we'd love to hear from you!


If you have any questions about a product, break, shipping, or even if you're interested in SELLING a collection, reach out any time!

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