Starting Lineup Figures Returning After 21 Years

Starting Lineup Figures Returning After 21 Years


A toy we loved from our childhood is BACK! After 21 years of not having a Kenner Starting Lineup in the stores, two companies are combining to put out brand new SLUs to take us back to the glory days of our youth.

Long before Funko Pops were the toy have, you and I grew up on Kenner Starting Lineup toys. From their debut in 1988, we would search our local Jamesway or Ames stores to find our favorite players. You'd ask the Easter Bunny for a new one in your basket or hope you were good enough for Santa to leave one under your tree. SLU had the best of both worlds for collectors like us - you got a toy AND a card! As we grew older and phased out of playing with the toys, one day the Starting Lineups just vanished. In 1991, Kenner sold their product to another big toy company, Hasbro. You probably owned a ton of Hasbro WWF action figures back in the day, too! Eventually, Hasbro had trouble releasing larger sets as players already had a figure. By 2002, Starting Lineups vanished, gone forever. Until TODAY!



Hasbro is back in the game and is partnering with Fanatics to launch a line of Starting Lineup figures on September 22nd, 2022! 


You can enter your e-mail address to get updates on the new SLU products on the Hasbro site HERE. I can't wait to see which figures are released. I'm hoping a nice mix of modern players and stars from our youth.


Above is my actual SLU from 1988 from my favorite player, Don Mattingly.  Coincidentally Donnie Baseball turns 61 today! I dug out the Mattingly and a 1996 Reggie Miller tonight. As a kid, I would leave just a couple of unopened SLUs from my favorite players to tack on my wall for friends to see, but open up and play with most of mine. Until I broke the bats, anyway; those bats were always very flimsy.  While the value of unopened and well-condition figures is a great deal for some players, I'm not sure I could trade those childhood memories. Sure, it stings to see a Reggie Miller SLU from 1988 bring in $600 but pretending that Reggie was shooting a three over Michael Jordan to win a game back in 1988 is too cool of a memory to lose had I not opened up the package.

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