Stan Musial Rookie Card Available in 1948 Bowman Baseball Set Break

Stan Musial Rookie Card Available in 1948 Bowman Baseball Set Break

Your chance to own a Stan Musial rookie card is here today! This iconic card of Stan the Man is available in a new set break for the COMPLETE set of 1948 Bowman baseball cards and you could buy a spot now. Not only is Musial in the set but so rookie cards legendary players like Warren Spahn, Yogi Berra, and Bob Feller. See how you could own a card from this beautiful set.



  • All 48 cards in the set are included
  • Stan Musial rookie graded SGC 4
  • Warren Spahn rookie graded SGC 4.5
  • Bob Feller rookie graded 4.5
  • Yogi Berra rookie  graded SGC 3
  • Other Hall of Famers like Enos Slaughter, Ralph Kiner, Phil Rizzuto, and more!

The 1948 Bowman baseball complete set having only 48 total cards makes each card desirable; the set is filled with stars and legends from the early days of baseball. This is Bowman's first set of baseball cards, and is a key set in our hobby; this set brought a manufacture to place cards mainstream. The days of tobacco cards like the 1909 T206 set or the Goudey Babe Ruth gum cards from 1933 were in the past, and Topps had yet to to exist. 

You can see above the black and white release with cards measuring 2-1/16" by 2-1/2”, which is smaller than the standard card you see today (2-1/2" by 3-1/2").  In the top right above is Stan The Man Musial. Stan was 28 when this card was made. Before his rookie card was created, Stan already won a pair MVP awards and the World Series three times! Imagine having today seeing a player rack up these accolades and nobody around to make you a baseball card. Maybe that is why Stan is giving a little snarl in his photo? 

In that group of four cards above, the exact cards in the set break, is also Warren Spahn, winner of 363 games as a pitcher, Bob Feller, a man that tallied three no-hitters, and Yogi Berra, the man with the most World Series rings in his playing days (10). Here are a few more of the cards that will be in the set break - look at the beautiful, black and white photography here:


As there are 48 cards in the break, only 48 spots in the break will be sold - this ensures that you will take home a card from the set. The list of names is always randomized LIVE on the show as the break occurs; you have the same chance as everyone else in the break to land the cards you desire. For example, after the randomization, if your name is in spot 36, card #36 is yours - the Stan Musial rookie!

Every spot you purchase will bring a vintage card from the 1948 Bowman  set to your personal collection. 

Travel back in time when you you heard your parents or your grandparents talked about collecting these cards the day they were released in grocery stores. A year when. popcorn sold on a mass scale for the first time, gas was 26 cents per gallon, and the world gave us legendary actor (and huge baseball fan), Billy Crystal. 



Here is a video with a set break of 1956 Topps baseball cards so you can see how the set breaks work:


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