PSA's Nat Turner Joins Mile High Card Club on Plane with 1970 Wax Pack

PSA's Nat Turner Joins Mile High Card Club on Plane with 1970 Wax Pack

1970 Topps Basketball Wax Pack1

PSA President, Nat Turner, just joined the Mile High Card Club!  You've been on a plane before, right?  You know all about "the club", then.  We're talking about the Mile High Card Club where you rip wax packs on the plane! Wait, which club did you think we were talking about?  Check out the video of the newest club member and see what came out of the 1970-71 Topps basketball wax pack ripped in the club.  We also have fun thinking about the packs YOU would rip in the Mile High Card Club!


You think about it every time you board a plane, don't you.  You want join "the club."  Yep, we know exactly what you're talking about - the MILE HIGH CARD CLUB.  That's the club you had in mind, right?  ...right?  Well if it isn't, it's about to be.  We've started a new club here at Vintage Breaks. Whenever you are on flight, record yourself opening up a wax pack!  You can pass the time by reliving fond memories from your youth.  Remember the first time you ripped out a wax pack that you picked up at your local gas station? That 40-cent pack with a delicious (was it, though?) stick of gum, and of course the cards you loved to collect.  Every card you pulled out of the pack, you would flip it over to read the stats on the back; that was the only way you could keep track in the days before the Internet!

If you're connected to the plane's Wi-Fi and can get service, it'll be even better if you open your pack live!  If not, just record it and post it later so we can all see what you hit.  Maybe you'll find another collector on the plane to share your hits with; we're all about helping you make new friends here in the Vintage Breaks community.

We just welcomed our newest member: PSA President, Nat Turner.  Nat owns tons of sealed, vintage wax, and is an avid basketball card collector.  When he hopped on his latest plane ride, he brought along a sealed 1970-71 Topps wax pack to rip!  Welcome to the club, Nat!

1970 Topps Basketball Wax Pack

The "Tall Boys" of the '70-71 Topps set is a great rip to join the club with.  The pack could hold rookie cards of Pete Maravich (card #123), or Pat Riley (#13).  You can find legends like Wilt Chamberlain (#50), Elgin Baylor (#65), or Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) in card number 75.  The checklist is packed with stars and Hall of Famers.  These cards are called "tall boys" because their size compared to a standard card you see today - each card is 2-1/2” by 4-11/16” and a standard size is 2-1/2” by 3-1/2”

Nat opened his wax pack to join the Mile High Card Club in a video you can see HERE.


If you're looking to join the club for the first time, you have lots of options!  

Longer flights require more cards. If you're into modern basketball, you can chase Ja Morant and Zion rookie cards in 2019 Panini Chronicles fat packs.


If you want to go vintage hoops like Nat did, you can chase Dr. J rookie cards in 1971 Topps basketball packs. Did you know there is only ONE known PSA 10 Julius Erving rookie card? You're never guaranteed a 10 for a grade, but a pack-fresh card has to be the best chance.  If you pull a Mint Dr. J on the plane, make sure you don't startle the flight attendants too much.


Perhaps you're on a short flight and want to open up a pack with just a few cards.  How about a 1977 Topps Cloth pack; there are just two cards in the pack. The cloth material is also very unique and fun! The design is the same as the regular 1977 Topps set, but the checklist is set at only 55 cards.  You may get lucky and pull Hall of Famers like Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Pete Rose, or Mike Schmidt.  We broke a pack live at the National this year and Fox 32 was kind enough to sit in on the break as we pulled a Reggie Jackson card! You can see that story HERE. We can't wait to get these back into stock for you ASAP; hopefully before your next short flight.  Make sure to check out our baseball packs HERE.



Flying for the Holidays? With Thanksgiving this week and Christmas around the corner, you could use a nice Holiday rip for your travels!  You can open 2018 Topps Holiday baseball and try to find rookie cards of Shohei Ohtani or Ronald Acuna Jr right HERE.



Not one but TWO Hall of Famer rookie cards can be had from the gridiron in 1984 Topps Football packs. You can hunt for both Dan Marino and John Elway in here. The Dolphins and Broncos aren't having stellar seasons this year, so reliving the team's QB Glory Days on the plane could be a fun rip for the club.


THE GOATS.  Maybe you're on a plane ride to Las Vegas and feeling lucky.  If that's the case, you'll want to hunt the goats - Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan.  You could rip 1979 O-Pee-Chee hockey packs or 1986-87 Fleer basketball packs.  


Our best recommendation for last! If you're going up to the stars, you definitely need to bring 1977 Star Wars packs.  You can open the OG, the First Series, to look for card #1 in Luke Skywalker, for the Fourth Series and find the C-3PO error card.



Which other packs would you like to rip in the Mile High Card Club?  Window shop on Vintage Breaks now and let us know what you come up with to break on your next plan ride. Just remember that if you get in on the Card Breaks in the sky that you hashtag your post with #MileHighCardClub and tag us in your post!  You can follow the Vintage Breaks social media pages here:


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