PSA to Offer Members $18 Card Grading in July

PSA to Offer Members $18 Card Grading in July

For the month of July, and to celebrate The National, PSA is giving members of its Collectors Club a discounted grading price of $18 a card.

Although the special is only available for a limited time, the $18 price tag is a welcomed sight to see for collectors. With the hobby exploding in popularity over the last two years, the opportunity to have a card graded for under 20 bucks appeared to be long gone. But it is back again, giving people hope that PSA may eventually return to these prices permanently.


In addition to being a Club Member, there are other stipulations to follow to get the July special. The requirements are:

  • 20-Card Minimum.
  • Declared Value limit of $199
  • 150-Day Estimated Turnaround Time (not guaranteed)

PSA will accept submissions at The National. If you are planning on attending, you may want to drop your submission at The National instead of shipping it out to PSA. Either way, make sure to take advantage of this offer.


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