Joe Montana 1981 Topps Rookie Card Pulled by Vintage Breaks [VIDEO]

Joe Montana 1981 Topps Rookie Card Pulled by Vintage Breaks [VIDEO]

One-spot hero alert! Fresh out of a 1981 Topps cello pack, the boys at Vintage Breaks South pulled a Joe Montana rookie card.  The best part of this break? The customer had just ONE spot in the break, and he landed the Montana! We captured the awesome pull live on our show for you to see and we'll tell you how to get in on the next break so you can try to pull your own Montana rookie. 

Gilmore and Francis came back from vacation and pulled you a stunner to make up for their time away from Vintage Breaks South!  Opening a 1981 Topps cello pack, the duo was looking to pull a rookie card of Joe Montana.

1981 Topps football has a total of 528 cards, There are big-name players that anchor the set such as Terry Bradshaw, and Walter Payton.  All eyes on card #216, though -Joe Montana's rookie. We could fill up this entire article with Montana's accolades, and we still wouldn't have enough space.  A National Championship, four Super Bowl titles, two NFL MVPs and a trip to the Hall of Fame are under Montana's belt.  

We put up a 1981 Topps football Cello pack that you quickly sold out.  There are a total of 12 cards in a cello, along with that delicious (?) stick of gum you didn't like back in the eighties and probably still wouldn't try today.  In this break, Brian Smith purchased just one single spot.  When spot 5 came up, Brian Smith found himself the card we're all chasing!  Watch this:


It took a second for Francis to see why Gilmore was so excited!  Francis was still focused on the Cardinals team leaders card in spot 4, but he caught up quickly.  Don't the boy we grabbed this screenshot of their reactions 😂


ONE. SPOT. HEREO.  Congrats, Brian!  THIS is what we love here at Vintage Breaks. You can buy just one spot in any break and you may take home the card everyone wants.  Here is the Montana for Brian:


This beauty looks nice in our Vintage Breaks card stand!


Gilmore believes Brian's Montana could get a 7 from PSA. In that grade, a Montana rookie is valued around $250 today.  How much did Brian pay to get into the break? Just $15.  A PSA 10 is around $50,000 right now! You're never guaranteed a PSA 10 but if ever there is a chance, a card coming straight from a pack has the best chance.  Want to get in on the next pack break and try to get a Montana of your own?


We have another 1981 Topps football cello pack break up on our site.  You can get your spots HERE.




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