Getting to Know Your Breakers at Vintage Breaks

Getting to Know Your Breakers at Vintage Breaks

Wondering what kind of music S10 listens to?  Bet you've pondered where J5 buys his conditioner.   Today we're doing something no other breaks dare to do; get to know the fun, personal details of all of your favorite breakers! 

We remember back in the 90's, pre-Internet, listening to the "Top 10 at 10" radio shows and imagining what the radio DJs looked like.  You always had an idea but unless you went to a car dealership to win a t-shirt, you could never truly point your favorite DJ out of a lineup if you had to.   You don't have to guess what your favorite breakers here VB look like; we're right on camera all the time!  However, we thought about those old radio days and realized  - you don't know much about the breakers.   Sure, you know J5 has great hair, but do you know what his favorite TV show is?  Or  Leighton's favorite  drink?  Let's have fun today and get all the juicy bios of the breakers here at Vintage Breaks!
















Real Name = Sam Rosenfield 

Nicknames = S10, Gator Gladiator

Breaks from: VB North (NJ)

S10 has been with Vintage Breaks for three years now.  He and J5 actually go back to before VB!  Around December of 2018, he was let go from his dream job as head chef for a kitchen.  Luckily, his phone beeped with a text from none other than J5.  "Hey Sam, Merry Christmas!  Hope you're doing well, bro.  Know anyone that needs a job?"  Perfect timing!  S10 fired a text back with "Thanks and Happy Holidays.  Hope you and the fam have a great one!  Haha Yeah - Me!  I got laid off last month."   Cut to January 2019 and the legend of S10 begins...

Favorite pull ever?  A Michael Jordan rookie card, pack-fresh:


S10 was raised in a house full of strong women who real help him be a kinder person. When he was a kid he was angry and very angst, but thanks to his amazing family, he is the kind man you see today.  When he thinks of family, he thinks of these amazing individuals:

  • (Mom) Mama S10 is an incredible supportive woman who helps me navigate life thus far. I have
    no idea where I would be if I didn’t have her guidance and support.
  • (Aunt) Aunt Fran a Huge JETS FAN and unfortunately made me a Jets fan, Extremely hard worker
    and where I feel like I got my un-ending work ethic from she worked extremely hard for
    everything we have and I am incredible thankful that she stepped in when my father left when I
    was young.
  • (No Longer With us Grandma) Mema - The Rock of the family -she raised us and was always
    there at our home While mama S10 & Aunt Fran worked all hours of the day to support us and
    our lives. She was an incredible strong woman who sacrificed for family time and time again. I
    miss her every day.
  • (Sister) Alyssa the middle child of my family she gone to film school and done art since we were
    little. She can procrastinate with the best of them.
  • (Sister) Ashley the youngest child of my family we were never very close as kids she spent a lot
    of time on her school work. She has a very similar work ethic and puts a 110% into anything she
  • (Brother) Martin I have known since we met in middle school he is an incredible bright
    light in the family who always makes us laugh. His dream is to be a successful standup
Favorite Quotes = If you hang out with me long enough you can catch me saying “Ignorance is Bliss.” I believe

there aren’t stupid people but people who are content being ignorant.

Superstitions = I am a big Fantasy nerd so I inherently believe in things we cannot explain. As for specific superstitions I can't think of any specific ones that stand out. But I like to keep a open mind 😃

Favorite Drink = Jack & Coke

Favorite Food = South African Lobster

Music =  Man I listen to just about everything I literally listen to anything from DMX, Frank Sinatra, Duke
Ellington, AJR, Musicals, and a bunch of Ska, & Rock

Additional Info = I am a Big Nerd I watch anime. play D&D and play video games till 1 A.M. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to party! I have been to a few house parties back in my day and 9/10 times I am always just sober enough to end up taking care of everyone and making sure everyone is okay before I pass out.


I also have my own gaming channels that I upload to with my friend. Duckboyzgaming for Video Games on Twitch &; YouTube. Dungeons & Duck on YouTube, Instagram & Twitter.  And coming soon to YouTube, Facebook & TicTok DuckBoyz Project Lance with Collectable
Gaming Content. The hassle never stops you have to keep striving for greatness in everything you do if you want to truly be great.



Real Name = John Palomares

Nickname = J5, Johnny 5

Breaks from: VB North (NJ) 
J5 has been at Vintage Breaks since we started up four years ago, but has actually worked with the company since 2007!  Our sister company, Just Collect had an opening for data entry.  Once VB was created, J5 started being a jack of all trades here.
Favorite pull ever? 1996 Skybox EX2000 BSK Box 5 (Kobe RC Credentials card)!
Almost as cool as pulling the Kobe rookie, J5 was pulled the "trifecta" of Michael Jordan cards in one day!  1986 (rookie), 1987, and 1988 Fleer MJ cards from packs all in one sitting!
Favorite Quote ="In the books"
Superstition = knock on wood to keep the streak going.
Favorite drink =Jack & Ginger Ale w/ twist of lemon or Jack & Coke w/ twist of lime
Favorite Food = Japanese Ramen
Favorite Music = Alternative Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop & Reggaeton
Let's hear a crazy story, J5! " I've been kicked out of a club and pushed to the curb for trespassing into their empty bar area and making believe I was their bartender.  ...I was very drunk."



Real Name = Leighton Everett Sheldon

Nickname = L-Train

Breaks from VB North (NJ) , Leighton's Loft , and a few exotic places 😎

L-Train is the owner of Vintage Breaks, and has been at the helm since day one.  Just Collect is also under his ownership, and he has been buying and selling collections for 25 years!
Favorite pull ever?  Opening a full box of 1986-87 Fleer basketball, a MINT, and we mean SMOKING HOT MJ rookie came out of pack 19!
We asked L-Train for a crazy story but unlike S10 and J5, he opted for a work-related tale!   At the 2018 National 
, VB opened a 1955 Bowman baseball cello pack and THIS happened:
Leighton has 1 brother, 2 sisters, and his son, Crosby, 6.  Cros is the young lad double-fishing 1952 Topps Mantle rookies!
Favorite Quote = "I love being a professional baseball card treasure hunter."
Superstitions = you can't move your spot if your team is winning! 
Favorite drink = sweet tea and vodka on rocks with splash of sprite and lime if alcoholic.
Favorite Food = vezzo pizza nyc or cappelini arabiata from il mulino
Favorite Music= Allman's
When we asked L-Train for a much juicer story such as falling asleep in a dumpster outside of a casino, we got him to admit:  I did get our rental Jeep stuck on the beach in Aruba!
I sent Gilmore a text to see if he would be interested in giving us some fun, personal stories, and he responded with "New phone, who dis?"  He's a man of all-business, breaking from VB South (GA).
He pulls HEAT from packs for you including this recent Justin Herbert RPA from National Treasures! 

I've worked with Gilmore for over a year and he still won't tell me his real name.  I've seen him cook a mean BBQ (that he has yet to le me sample), and he has a love for the Braves.  I think he still holds hate for the 1996 and 1999 World Series (Go Yanks)! 




Real Name = Drew Herndon

Nicknames = The DH 

Drew breaks with Gilmore at VB South but does so live from North Carolina!  Drew is a modern-card expert so if you're looking for the next big MLB star, he's got you covered.  Speaking of next big baseball stars - check out his son, Jude, well on the way to the show here!

When he's not breaking, Drew is a very talented guitarist and has traveled the US playing shows with some big rock bands.

Check out Drew's newest show, Let 'er RIp:



Charlie G



Charlie G is a man of mystery!  Breaking from VB West (AZ), "Sir Charles" loves to bring you movie trivia from the classics, and offers cool bonuses with a breaking bingo card!  I asked Charlie what we should put on his bio and said "Go Cubbies."  I was able to get Charlie G's real name but he said if I can get Gilmore's middle name out of him, he'd let me share the full name on the bio.   Challenge accepted, Charlie G.!

...and "Go Cubbies."





Real Name = Mark Rafael Capiral

Nicknames = New Guy Mark, Mark

Mark is the man behind the VB chats!  If you have a question, he's answering via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. He preps packs, gets trivia ready, and loves himself some wagyu steak

Mark started working for both VB North (NJ) and Just Collect in May of 2021.  He's known S10, J5, and JK before breaking for you!  He and S10 go back to their college days.  NGM met J5 at an AMC Din-In movie theatre; J5 trained him!  Mark states he owes J5 for all his sushi-rolling skills.  JK was a DM for DnD and they become close friends rather quickly.  Since starting at VB, the entire crew has became family to Mark.  L-Train hired Mark based on recommendations from S10 and J5 and he couldn't be happier.  NGM used to work at a hospital as a Food Service Host, and worked through the entire pandemic.

Favorite pull ever?  At the Philly show, S10 was opening 2020 UEFA box.  Every pack in the box was a hit!  The energy that came from the crowd, the pulls, and the chat made it unforgettable.  

NGM: A few more things about myself - I've been drawing since I was 4. Love me some animated films/Shows.  Current favorite animated films - A Goofy Movie, Luca, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Steven Universe: The Movie, and Paranorman. This is in no particular order by the way.

I am also super into food. I love cooking and eating! I have very fond memories of cooking in the kitchen with my mother and trying my best to help regardless of what the task at hand was. As long as food was involved I was interested.

Speaking about my family, maybe I should talk about that more. My family and I immigrated here under a work visa for my Father in 1996, and we naturalized in 2013. The process is long and arduous, but now we’re legal citizens. My family consists of my Father, my Mother, myself, and my 3 brothers. My youngest brother is Deaf and Autistic, which caused a lot of challenges at home. But hey, here we are having a great time with all of you!





Nickname = The Beard

JK is all behind-the-scenes, getting your packs prepped!  While not a breaker, we want you to see the face behind the beard!  I asked JK for a bio and he said "Don't shave."






Lilly also works behind-the-camera here at VB.  She rocks trivia, and pack-prep.  When I asked Lilly if she'd like to include a bio for you, Gilmore looked at her and they had some sort of odd, telepathic connection.  I got a strange look from Lilly and we haven't spoken since.




Real name = Emily.  

Nickname = "EM-80"

EM-80 left VB from her full-time slot as the head of shipping to go become a lawyer!  Her nose is in the books these days, but in a few years, you'll want her on retainer!  EM still helps us out by doing you daily and weekly bonuses!  She even has her own section on our YouTube page.




Ken is our new Marketing Director here at VB and is in charge of the awesome posts you see on all of our socials.  IG ,Twitter, Facebook, YouTube are all Ken!  Working out of the VB North office in NJ, he doesn't pop on camera much but all the prizes you win on socials from this media guru!  If you're not following us, do so now - you may win a free prize or two!  We like to give stuff away 😀





Marc works in real estate but is genius behind the VB newsletter!  Every time you open up your e-mail to see what we're breaking today, big hits we pulled for you, what's on deck, and the cool stories from the office, Marc writes that ALL!  Make sure you subscribe to show Marc your appreciation!  Head to our site join our mailing list!

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