Eight Hall of Famers Pulled from 1970 Topps Pack Including Reggie Jackson

Eight Hall of Famers Pulled from 1970 Topps Pack Including Reggie Jackson

EIGHT - count 'em - 8 Hall of Famers were pulled from a 1970 Topps cello pack right here with Vintage Breaks. Leading the way is a MINT second-year Reggie Jackson card! 

Days after pulling a pack-fresh Willie Mays from a 1947-66 Exhibits cello pack, our breaker, JK, kept his hot hands SMOKING. We offered you spots in a 1970 Topps Series 2 cello pack graded by PSA. In total, there were 33 cards. JK hoped to pull you a star card. Get this man to casino, stat! Not only did "A" star card get pulled - how about EIGHT cards of a Hall of Famer?!


The hits just kept coming. Check out the spots and the cards pulled:

  • 3 = Willie McCovey for Mike Pederson
  • 4 = Steve Carlton for Jason Kneller 
  • 9 = Billy Williams for Stephen Garrett
  • 12 = Billy Williams for Stephen Garrett
  • 17 = Steve Carlton for Judith Borges 
  • 19 = Reggie Jackson for Roland Butcher
  • 28 = Phil Niekro for Mike Pederson 
  • 31 = Earl Weaver for Nick Mattiacci 


We thought the pack was a major win after pulling Willie McCovey just three cards in. McCovey has 521 career home runs and was a first-ballot Hall of Famer in 1986. Steve Carlton and Phil Niekro combined for 647 wins! Billy Williams had sneaky power along with a great bat; he cranked 426 home runs and collect 2,711 hits Earl Weaver won 1,480 games as a manager and won the World Series this very year with his Baltimore Orioles. We could fill this enter page up with Reggie Jackson stats, but when the world addresses you as Mr. October, your nickname speaks for itself. A few of the non-Hall of Famers were nice pulls, too! We're looking at you, Al Oliver, a seven-time All-Star with a .303 career average. WHAT. A. PACK.

We checked the PSA pop report and the counts are pretty low for higher grades. You're never guaranteed a PSA 9 or 10 but the best chance has to come from pack-fresh cards. Here are the current high-grade pop counts on the HOF'ers:

  • Billy Williams (#130)
    • PSA 9 = 82
    • PSA 10 = 8
  • Reggie Jackson (#140)
    • PSA 9 = 66
    • PSA 10 = 1
  • Earl Weaver (#148)
    • PSA 9 = 50
    • PSA 10 = 5
  • Phil Niekro (#160)
    • PSA 9 = 44
    • PSA 10 = 3 
  • Steve Carlton (#220)
    • PSA 9 = 120
    • PSA 10 = 12
  • Willie McCovey (#250) 
    • PSA 9 = 62
    • PSA 10 = 5


The Reggie might be the nicest example we've seen. Reggie is 24 years young on that card. Mr. October is swinging the lumber while sporting his Oakland A's green. 

Congratulations to everyone in the break! We are hoping for high grades all around. These cards have been sealed, hidden from the light of day for 53 years! Back when these Topps cards rolled out of the factory, a pound of bacon set you back 24 cents, Simon & Garfunkel ruled the radio, and the original Hawaii Five-O taught us "Book 'em, Danno!" 

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