Drake Pulls Back to Back 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Cards [VIDEO]

Drake Pulls Back to Back 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Cards [VIDEO]


Drake is pretty familiar with going "Back to Back" and he proved it in his FIRST EVER card break! The music mogul sat down with our good friend, Ken Goldin, to open a box of 1986-87 Fleer basketball to hunt for a Michael Jordan rookie card. How did he do? He went back-to-back, of course! Watch the video of Drake's pulls, and then read how you can pull your own MJ rookie with us here at Vintage Breaks!

Drake has sold 170 million records, won 4 Grammy awards, and has more charted songs than any other artist. He's also a huge sports fan and often seen courtside at the biggest NBA games. However, until this weekend, Drizzy has NEVER done a card break. In fact, he's ever even opened up a pack of cards! Really, Drake?! He changed all that up in a big way by choosing an iconic product for his first break - 1986-87 Fleer basketball.


For a few years there were no basketball cards widely available to purchase. Topps stopped making cards for a bit after the 1981-82 season. A company called STAR distributed cards but in low print runs and rather than selling cards in the wax packs we love so much, STAR made team bags; just a clear bag and all the cards were from the same team. Where's the fun in that? Fleer came onto the scene in 1986-87 and brought back the wax packs with a price tag of around 40 cents and that delicious stick of gum (was it, though?) in the days when all you cared about was saving the Princess in Super Mario Bros.

The set is fairly small; only 132 total cards. For a size comparison, 1986 Topps baseball cards have 792 cards in the set. A full wax box of 1986-87 Fleer basketball contains 36 packs and each pack has 12 cards along with 1 sticker. With the large number of cards and small-sized set, each wax box should contain nice odds to pull not only a Michael Jordan rookie but other big cards such as rookie cards of Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and tons of other stars and Hall of Famers.

Amazing to think that back in 1986, each pack was only about 40 cents and a full box was $10. While baseball cards were the rave, NBA was on the backburner. The 1986 NBA finals were actually on TAPE DELAY! Imagine not knowing the winner of the NBA Championship until hours afterwards. The card market and the NBA are a world of difference now and Drake wanted in on the fun!


Drake has had the itch to join our hobby and when word got out, our good friend, Ken Goldin, had the product of products to dip his toes into card breaks - Ken owned a sealed wax box of 1986-87 Fleer basketball that sat on his shelf for a while. Ken is the purchaser of The Midwest Storage Find as reported on by another friend of VB, Darren Rovell. Last year Ken sold a sealed box at auction for $180,000!

Did Drake pull a Michael Jordan rookie card? Not only did he pull the GOAT, he did so in back-to-back packs, naturally! First Ken pulled an MJ rookie and just before Drake opened a pack, the boys took a call from another big-time collector - Logan Paul.


As Drake went through his pack, he landed another Jordan rookie. Two packs - two Jordan rookie cards!

Here is a video of the back-to-back MJs:


In total, Drake found three base Jordan rookie cards and three Jordan rookie sticker cards! Congrats, Drake! What away to join the hobby, sir.

We are big fans of 1986-87 Fleer basketball here at Vintage Breaks. Our owner, Leighton, opened a box with Darren Rovell in a live break and hunted for MJ rookies, too! You can see that incredible box break here.

Leighton also sat down with another notorious card collector, Gary V, and opened a full pack of '86 Fleer live in his office that you can watch here.


We can't let Drake have all the MJ rookie fun, right? We have breaks with spots available now for you with a chance at a Michael Jordan rookie card.


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If you're reading this article, Drake, welcome! Also, we're willing to trade you one box of sealed 1986-87 Fleer basketball packs for one of your four Grammys. What do you say? Just one Grammy...



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