Behind the Scenes at the Field of Dreams Game With Yankees and White Sox

The Field of Dreams game between the Yankees and White Sox is tomorrow!  We thought you'd enjoy some great behind-the-scenes photos of the field as we come up on the big game including two very special guests we see!


Field of Dreams is taking place TOMORROW!  After much anticipation, the matchup between the Yankees and White Sox near the original movie site is finally here.  We combed through the world wide web to find you the coolest behind-the-scenes photos from the field for you to enjoy before first pitch!


Photo credit to Twitter User MLB

Photo credit to Twitter User MLBONFOX


Photo credit to Twitter User MLBONFOX


John Smoltz and Kevin Burkhardt sitting on the porch swing of the house from the movie. How badly is Smoltz itching to get off the swing and go toss a few from the rubber?

Photo credit to Twitter User TommyBirch


Tommy Birch  snapped this cool photo above  of A-Rod and Big Papi talking to Little Leaguers on the field of the original movie site, as well as a picture of both sluggers in their unis by the corn below.  A-Rod is wearing the gear that the Yankees will don during the game.  

Photo credit to Twitter User TommyBirch

Photo credit to Twitter User TommyBirch

Tommy Birch also snuck this picture of Frank Thomas filming a promo at the house as what looks like will be James Earl Jones' character, Terence Mann.

Photo credit to Twitter User TommyBirch

Tommy also got into the Yankees' locker room at the Field of Dreams site and grabbed this photo!  Not quite sure that locker is big enough for Aaron Judge, though...    Tommy also took a walk down the path through the fields:

Photo credit to Twitter User TommyBirch

Of course you expect Dwier Brown to appear at some point during the game tomorrow, right?  Dwier played John Kinsella in the movie; the father of Kevin Costner's character.   Dwier played THE character the movie is all about - "If you build it, HE will come." Here is Dwier below as photographed by Tommy.  Looks like a jersey in that back pack 🤔




WE CAN'T WAIT for the game tomorrow!  Here is the info on how and when you can catch Field of Dreams: 


Thank you to the Twitter accounts above for such AWESOME photos.  Maybe in 2022, the VB team can get a friendly game of ball going on the original site!

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