Anthony Davis Rookie Patch Auto From 2012 Select Pulled in Break [VIDEO]

Anthony Davis Rookie Patch Auto From 2012 Select Pulled in Break [VIDEO]

Warning: this video is LOUD - and we wouldn't have any any other way!  During a break of 2012 Panini Select for our customers, an Anthony Davis rookie patch auto snuck out of a pack.  Naturally when a monster pull like this comes, we get a little excited here a Vintage Breaks!  We JUST got the AD back from PSA and wanted to show you the grade.

Nothing makes us happier than pulling a big card out of a pack for one of our customers during a break..  Just like you, when we see major hit hiding in a pack, we get a liiiiiiitttttlllleeee excited!  To our enjoyment, we got HYPED when opening up 2012 Panini Select basketball and saw THIS for one of our favorite customers, Harry K.!


If you can't see the card, let's put this bad boy in better lighting for you:


ANTHONY DAVIS RPA (Rookie-Patch-Auto)!   Back when AD was a rookie, playing for the New Orleans Hornets, he inked this card that contains a piece of his game-used jersey.   SO many cool aspects to this AD rookie!


2012 is the first year SELECT came back t to the market after a several-year hiatus.  The brand began with Score baseball back in 1993 and had last been used for football in 2008.   In 2012, NBA got into the game! 


This game-used swatch from the New Orleans Hornets; a defunct (somewhat) team.  AD played only a single season for the "New Orleans" Hornets!

From 1988-2002, the Hornets were based in Charlotte, NC. before moving to New Orleans.  The New Orleans Hornets existed through 2012, where Anthony Davis wore an 'Orelans Hornets jersey, before the franchise changed their name to the Pelicans.

If you're wondering where the current Charlotte Hornets came from, the league granted a new team in Charlotte in 2004 in the form of the Bobcats.  The Charlotte Bobcats existed from 2004-12.  Once the New Orleans Hornets became the Pelicans, the Bobcats took back the Hornets name and became today's Charlotte Hornets.


We sent his /149  2012 Select AD RPA right to PSA for grading!  How did Harry K make out on this MONSTER? 

Video reveal of the PULL and the grading results:

Congrats, Harry!  Population report from PSA is now FIVE for your AD!  Our owner, Leighton, (who also owns our sister company, Just Collect where you can sell your card and memorabilia collection!) was the breaker. If you're wondering what the "Belt" means here at Vintage Breaks, our breakers become "the breaking champion" when they pull you a card worth at least $1,000.  This card is 100 % belt-worthy!  

Big thanks to S10 for putting together this video.  S10 has been pulling HEAT recently as a breaker himself, too.  Just last week, S10 pulled a GOLD JETER ROOKIE from 1993 Topps baseball. and a CHROME PEYTON MANNING ROOKIE.


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