1980 Topps Wayne Gretzky Unscratched Checklist Pulled From Pack

1980 Topps Wayne Gretzky Unscratched Checklist Pulled From Pack

Unscratched and pack-fresh is this lovely 1980 Topps checklist with Wayne Gretzky!   Look at the second-year Great One that we pulled for a customer tonight, learn about these "scratch-off" cards, and how you can hop into our next break!

A second-year Wayne Gretzky was pulled in our latest break!  Fresh out of a sealed pack, this 1980 Wayne Gretzky checklist card 182 looks awesome unscratched.  If you're not familiar with the '80 hockey set, Topps covered up player's names and you were to scratch off the bottom (like a lottery ticket) to reveal the names. 

On this card you would scratch off to reveal the Team Leaders in goals scored (like it would be anyone other than Gretzky... )  Congrats to our customer, Jeff G.!


A unscratched card is low on the PSA pop report in high-grade condition; only 2 PSA 10's exist.   While not as valuable as the rookie card that just sold for over a million dollars in PSA 10, second-year cards are HOT in the market right now.




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Our breaker today was S10, and he's been pulling some HEAT for you.   Recently a GOLD Derek Jeter rookie was pulled on the show that you can see HERE. We also had Chris Gilmore break a second-year Larry Bird for a customer this week that you can see HERE.

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