1969 Topps Basketball National Pack Break to Chase a Kareem Rookie

1969 Topps Basketball National Pack Break to Chase a Kareem Rookie

The National is finally here and we're ready to go BIG on the main stage with our latest break for you!  How would you like to chase a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rookie, pack-fresh?  Let's try to make history with a 1969 Topps basketball wax pack!

We're on the road right now, driving the VB Mobile to the National. When thinking of how on Earth we could top THE MANTLE PULL, we put our heads together and said the only way we'll do better than a PSA 9 1955 Bowman Mickey Mantle is a PSA 10 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar rookie. The PSA pop report on a 10 is just TWO.  The value right now in a ten is $750,000 +!   

We understand that even though the card is pack-fresh, it's not a guaranteed ten.  However, if a card is ever going to have a shot a Gem Mint grade, it would most likely come out of a sealed wax pack!  A PSA 9 last sold for April for $344,400, while an 8 is hovering at over $30,000.    We want to see you pull a card that will top the Mick, and Kareem is the card that could do it!

1969 Topps Basketball

  • 99 cards
  •  2-1/2” by 4-11/16” in size - "Tall Boys"

Key Cards:

#25 Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

#1 Wilt Chamberlain 

#20 John Havlicek

#35 Elgin Baylor

#50 Oscar Robertson

#90 Jerry West

#98 Walk Frazier

The 1969 Topps set is packed with stars!




There are TEN cards in the pack plus the Topps ruler.  


Ten spots in the break.  One spot = 1 card.  We will random the list live at the National for you.  The ruler in the pack goes to spot 1 after the random. With just 99 cards in the set and ten cards in the pack, we're hoping to see some of those key cards come out!  If we pull a Kareem rookie for you, we'll try to talk S10 and J5 into eating the gum.


*This 1969 Topps basketball pack will be opened with Vintage Breaks and Heritage Auctions on the National Main Stage on Saturday, July 31st at 3:30pm EST!

COST = $2,750


We hope to see this guy at the show, too:


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