1952 Topps Baseball Partial Set Break Including Mickey Mantle Rookie Available

1952 Topps Baseball Partial Set Break Including Mickey Mantle Rookie Available

The most iconic card in the hobby could be yours! A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card is included in our newest partial set break now available for you. See how you can take home a true piece of baseball history.

THIS. This is THE card you have dreamed about. The card that you've always wanted to own, the card you have looked at in cases at card shows and have talked to all of your family and friends about since the day you started collecting baseball cards. A 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie card - it could be yours.

 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle


As the world leader in set breaks, we want to pull out a stunner of a set break to celebrate baseball being back! Spring Training is underway and we're ready for hot dogs, sunshine. What better set break to list than1952 Topps baseball.


  • 311 total cards are included 
  • Mickey Mantle (#311) rookie graded PSA 1
  • Willie Mays (#261) rookie graded PSA 1
  • Duke Snider (#37) graded SGC 4.5
  • Yogi Berra (#191) graded SGC 4.5
  • Other Hall of Famers and stars like Warren Spahn, Bob Feller, Phill Rizzuto, and more! 

In 1952, Topps created a set totaling 407 cards and released the cards in different series. Think of a series as a batch of cards. A marketing idea was used to release cards numbered 1-80 as "series 1", sold in stores early in the baseball season. After a short while, the next run of cards in the set were released in "series 2." The thought behind this release plan was to keep collectors going into stores to purchase packs all year long rather than releasing all cards at once, building a complete set by May. The problem with the 1952 Topps set is that when the company decided to release the higher-numbered cards, collectors were more interested in the football cards that just hit the shelves. When few people purchased the higher-numbered cards that year, Topps decided to dump the unsold cards in the ocean! Yes - dumped in the ocean. Guess which player's card was sent to swim with the fish? Card #311, Mickey Mantle. 

Mickey Mantle had a legendary career with the New York Yankees including three MVP awards, seven World Series Championships, and is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Now add in the fact his 1952 Topps rookie cards were lost at sea over half of a Century ago, makes this set break we have for you today truly special.

 1952 Topps Baseball Cards


As there are 311 cards in the break, only 311 spots in the break will be sold - this ensures that you will take home a card from the set. The list of names is always randomized LIVE on the show as the break occurs. 

The cards you see above are the exact cards that will be in the break. There is Mick, gazing out with the bat on his shoulder. The Yankees logo just below the lumber and near his hands. Perhaps Mantle is thinking about where he'll hit one of his 536 career home runs in that picture. 

With 311 cards in this partial set break and not the full 407, your odds to take home THE card of cards is better! 

There are no limits to the number of spots you can purchase either. If you want two spots so you can try to land the Mantle and the Willie Mays rookie, you may purchase two spots! If you would like 20 spots, you may purchase 20! Grab your spots quickly. This break will sell out, and someone will take home a Mickey Mantle rookie card live during the Vintage Breaks card breaks. This will be must-see breaking tv! Travel back in time to a day when $1.25 could get you into a Yankees game and 25 cents probably got you a couple of those hot dogs.


Here is a video of a 1956 Topps baseball card set break so you may see how the set breaks occur here with Vintage Breaks:




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