While there may be many styles of breaks involved

 at Vintage Break the two main avenues are “Set Breaks” and “Hit Drafts” and will be explained in detail below.


“Set Breaks”


Vintage Break will acquire classic and vintage sets

 and will break it down by the number of cards in the set thus reducing the cost to customer to get a chance at some of the most iconic cards in the sports card industry.  For example, a 1952 Topps set with 407 cards will be listed on the site with 407 total

 slots up for grabs at an average price across the board.  Once all slots in the Set Break are purchased the fun will begin.  All 407 entrants into the break will be put into a list randomizer and two die will be rolled, whatever the outcome of the dice roll

 is will be how many times the randomizer will be clicked to set our first list.  Once we have completed the random we will then copy and paste the list over to a spread sheet and move on two our second random to determine our results.


The second list will be the card numbers and names

 of all the players listed in the set that is in the current break, for this example it is the 1952 Topps Set.  The same scenario above will also occur with this list except that there will be no roll of the dice as we will use the same number from the first

 dice roll to use for both randomizers.  Once this random is complete the outcome will be copied and pasted onto the spreadsheet with the entrants and which ever card lines up with your name will be the card that you would receive from this set.  For example,

 if your name ended up in slot #47 on the entrant list and on the set list card #311 ends up in slot #47 you just won a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle for a few hundred dollars as opposed to paying well into the thousands of dollars!


“Hit Draft Break”


A Hit Draft is a predetermined number of spots with

 a predetermined number of items in the break.  How the process works is if we have ten items in the Hit Draft Break there will be ten total entrants.  All ten entrants will be put into a list randomizer and two die will be rolled, whatever the outcome of that

 roll will be how many times the list will be randomed.  After the final click of the list randomizer the draft order will be determined.  Whoever ends up in the first spot on the final random will get first pick from the ten predetermined items after they

 make their selection whoever ends up in second place on the random will get to choose from the nine remaining items available.  This process moves all the way down until the final spot at which point that entrant will get whatever the last remaining item available is.

"International Shipping"

For International shipping we will ship once a week (Friday or Monday). We will send out an email with the exact charge according to USPS. If you have any questions please contact us at 732-828-2261 and ask for John.